The Emerald Persians Cat Family

Rosimorn Cocobella of Emerald Persians

Coco is a chocolate bi-colour persian and is one of our breeding queens. A big thanks to Robyn Morrison of Rosimorn.


Reginald is a lovely example of a chocolate persian and is a big boy. Very strong and extremely friendly. He is not in our breeding programme, but we love having him as our pet!


Our gorgeous chocolate colour point persian.


She is a Silver Shaded Persian that we brought over from America over 10 years ago. Her breeding days are over, but we still love her cheeky personality!


Penelope’s brother and best friend. Again, America to NZ was a trip he had to make- he’s an integral part of our family.


Formally named Emperor Ruffino. As a silver chinchilla persian, he was top of the top, with his lineage descending from exquisite lines from the USA. Grandest of Grand Champions is written all over his face. Sadly, Raffles passed away over Christmas 2016. We will miss you!


Pictured with our dog “Pearla” is our lovely chocolate colour point persian “Charlotte”. We have had Charlotte since she was a kitten, 6+ years ago, but are wanting to home her to a quiet setting. She does best with a single person or couple (no kids) and no other pets. Give her a wool blanket next to you on the couch watching tv, and she will be your best companion! She is gentle natured, sweet and serene. We will only re-home to a quiet person(s) who does not have a heavy work schedule.

Rosimorn Gemtastick of Emerald Persians

A beautiful breeding queen addition, Gemma is a cream-lilac bicolour tabby exotic. She has recently been in cat shows and has placed both number 1 in her category and in the top 10 overall. She is as loving as she is adorable!

Silverado Montague of Emerald Persians

Monty is a cream tabby point exotic with a lovely caring, yet outgoing nature. A perfect combination. Sadly, due to a sprained leg joint, Montague wasn't able to show last year but is ready to go for next season. He is a lovely boy and an integral part of our breeding programme.

Emerald Rosalita

Such a gorgeous girl, both inside and out. Rosalita has a calm and loving nature, a dream come true for any lap cat lover. She is quite the opposite of many tortie personalities and is our newest breeding queen. We look forward to her new show season as well as future litters.

Lauradella Chella-Bon Bon of Emerald Persians

Is our newest breeding queen. A big thanks to Margaret Goodman of Lauradella. She is a Cream Point Persian (Himalayan) and will be a wonderful asset to assist in our colourpoint dreams. She has incredibly soft fur and the bluest of blue eyes- an absolute gem certain to produce beautiful baby gems in the next breeding season.